S.H. Dr. Prinz Mario-Max zu Schaumburg-Lippe Perfume

The launch party for Narcotique Fragrance, our new company, was held at the Boutique Eat Shop, the Chelsea NYC hotspot at 559 W. 22nd St., where nightlife guru, Mr. Patrick Duffy, was the host.  Hawaiian born entrepreneur, Kepa Kauwe, who has been in the industry developing fragrances for ten years, and I, created an alluring and provocative royal line of fragrances for the new century, which will make every man feel like Prince Charming and every woman feel like his Princess.  It was a champagne and celebrities filled affair.   A royal treatment by “Pretty Faces” and “Z-The Masked Musical of Zorro” author, Robert W. Cabell, adorned the restaurant to create the perfect setting for the unveiling of the Crown Prince, Crown Princess, Prince, and Princess fragrances.  There was dancing, delicious food, and a night of royal glamour in a candlelit atmosphere.  The venue also sported art commissioned by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kipton Cronkite, the star promoter of up and coming artists, musicians, and filmmakers, who recently married real-estate mogul and Kaiser-Steel heir Laurence Kaiser.  I am so happy for them.  It’s a truly great match.  

German TV crews from RTL exklusiv and rtl explosiv flew in to cover the party, and were stunned by what their prince and his entourage put together across the big pond. Mr. Duffy and I like the same New Yorkers. We love the beautiful smiling faces of NYC socialites Jamie Korey, Amanda Hearst, and Lydia Hearst-Shaw, and Patrick is best friends with Jake Shears and Ana Matronic of the “Scissor Sisters.”  Many artists, models, actors, entrepreneurs, executives, and socialites were in attendance including: Italian royal Prince Lorenzo Borghese, model NuNu Deng of Nunibeylle Consulting, whose father is Sudan’s Petroleum Minister Dr. Lual Deng, model/actress Tatiana Vidus, Model Mitchell Luther, Brazilian supermodel Ricardo “Rico” Carpentieri, actor/model Ryan White, actoress/models Krysten & Kelsey Cabell, & Madeleine James, fashion/jewelry designer Marie-Jean Baptiste, Italian artist Daniel Rossi, Oscar winner for “The Cove”, Ric Obarry, socialite Bryce Gruber, record producer Peter McLean, fashion photographer Pauline St. Dennis, Chief Executive Air CEO Jeffrey Menaged, Brazilian entrepreneur and heir to the family Bank’s Billions Gabriel S. Faria, AMC TV producer Samira Qureshi, and NBC producer/casting director and Palm Beach celebrity Lisa Singer.  Lisa is a must have guest for any a-list party or benefit from New York to Florida to LA to Cannes, and we were so pleased she graced our event, which indicated…we did our party to the max.  It was a real blast, and we all lived “life to the Max.”  Prince Mario Max

Tags: Amanda Hearst, Boutique Eat Shop, Bryce Gruber, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, Daniel Rossi, Dr. Lual Deng, Gabriel S. Faria, Jamie Korey, Jeffrey Menaged, Kelsey Cabell, Kepa Kauwe, Kipton Cronkite, Krysten Cabell, launch party, Laurence Kaiser, Lisa Singer, Lydia Hearst-Shaw, Madeleine James, Marie-Jean Baptiste, Mitch Luther, Mitchell Luther, Mr. Patrick Duffy, Narcotique, nightlife guru, NuNu Deng, Pauline St. Dennis, Peter McLean, Pretty Faces, Prince Charming, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Prince Max, Ric Obarry, Ricardo „Rico“ Carpentieri, Robert W. Cabell, Ryan White, Samira Qureshi, Scissor Sisters, socialite, Tatiana Vidus, Z-The Masked Musical, zorro

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