Change Your Stars Movie premiers at Culver City Film Festival as Official Selection

Change Your Stars Movie premiers at Culver City Film Festival as Official Selection
 Alla Matusov and His Highness Prince Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany co-produced a Documentary that has been officially selected by the prestigious Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, that will take place from December 3-10 at the ArcLight Cinema and Mayme Clayton Library and Museum. 

“So thrilled that our Movie hits the Big Screen in the Heart of Entertainment, Los Angeles, United States of America”. The mission of the Change Your Stars is to inflight the parents all over the world that the future of their children is in the education. The historical facts that we have discovered about the education in America will help understand the roots of the crises of the education in many countries of the western world. 

The people that arrived to America about two hundred years ago were so dedicated to improve their lives, took seriously the education of their children, so just in less than two hundred years managed to build the most powerful empire in the world. It means that they did something right, and we shall not disregard the experience that lead to success, but learn from it and use those knowledge to bring the glory of our country back. 

This is our 1 st episode, and if you really care about the world in which our children will live, please follow us as we will bring out one-by- one the problems in the education and what shall be done to improve… no! to change it so we bring peace and happiness to the world. Sincerely, Alla Matusov and H.H. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany, Hollywood Producers and Directors.

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